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Samstag, 27. Juni 2009 um 21:36 Uhr

Wir spielten unter anderem bei

Tagungen , Konferenzen, bei Firmen- und Privatfeiern, in Schulen....:


Österreichischer Bundesverband der MediatorInnen

Berufsverband österreichischer SozialpädagoInnen - Jahreskongress

Amnesty Internationa.

Jahrestagung der JustizsozialarbeiterInnen

BMUKK, Jahrestreffen der österreichischen AuslandslehrerInnen


Firma Kapsch

Compair - Methoden in Dialog

DARE Vienna Conference on Intercultural Dialogue

Wiener Mediationskongresse / ARGE Bildungsmanagement

10 Jahre Grundtvig Programm

25 Jahre Außergerichtlicher Tatausgleich

Eröffnung der Gebietsbetreuung im 15-ten Bezirk und 22-ten Bezirk

Akritonstag der Bezirksvorstehung Wieden zum Thema Hunde und Kinder im Park

Sprachenrechte Konferenz, Universität Wien

Magistratsdirektion der Stadt Wien



Wir waren Kooperationspartner beim EU Projekt

AMC - Art for Multicultural Communities (EC: LLP - Grundtvig)


Grundtvig trägt Früchte

Und hier sind Teile der Grundtvig Ernte zu sehen:

Playback-SchauspielerInnen und MusikerInnen aus sechs Ländern spielen zusammen - siehe hier:




Ad Hoc Theater is a partner in:

AMC - Art for Multicultural Communities (EC: LLP - Grundtvig)


Our partnership aims to explore ways through which the arts can contribute towards intercultural dialogue. Specifically, through music and improvisational theatre we aim to build bridges of communication between diverse communities, both in terms of ethnicity but also in terms of socioeconomic and religious background.Each partner organization is experienced in artistic education of communieties and uses music and theater for personal and community change. Such an approach is a powerful tool for influencing values, attitudes and skills, since it is holistic in nature and involves the human mind, spirit and emotions. Through our visits and exchanges with each other, we will share diverse ideas and successful approaches.  Participants will be enabled to further use them as models in open workshops and performances offered to the wider public in each participating country. Open workshop participants could be professionals who work with diverse cultural and ethnic communities as well as members of those communities. They are invited to share and reflect upon their own personal stories, celebrating what works, and discovering remedies for problematic situations. This process will be recorded into digital format to produce a multifunctional audiovisual learning tool.

AMC Partners are:

Adhoc Theater Vienna, Austria

European University of Cyprus, Department of Arts Nicosia, Cyprus

Diverse Faiths Alliance DFA Tallin, Estonia

True Heart Theatre London, England

Vitakultura Egyesület Budapest, Hungary

This project is funded by Lifelong Learning Programme - Grundtvig

Our Role in the Partnership

Ad Hoc Theater is a non profit organization established  2 years ago. As a group we have been working together for 5 years. The members of the theater are trainers, social workers and mediators. Among the members are migrants, and occasionally we are playing together with homeless people as well. Apart from our regular performances we play for special groups (children, people with psychological disorders, migrants, elderly people, etc. ) and events (multicultural neighborhoods, conferences related to social work, human rights etc.). We have invitations to play regularly in community building events aiming to build bridges through playback and forum theatre in neighbourhoods of Vienna where migrants and Austrians live together. Our contribution in this project will be to share our theatrical experience, working within multicultural neighbourhoods and dealing with related conflicts. We aim  to extend and develop our experience within this partnership, and integrate what we learn from our cooperation partners. We plan to involve other professionals from Vienna (trainers, social workers, mediators, etc.) to learn how to use artistic elements in community work related to migration issues.




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